Is it possible for an unknown author to grab a six-figure publishing deal and a top agent in the middle of a recession? Those in the book trade say no way! Even the top authors are facing cut-backs. With no novel outline, no plot, no title, no genre, no word count and no contacts in the business, Anu Novelist sets out to achieve the seemingly impossible. Credit crunch . . . what credit crunch?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What am I doing???


And welcome to my humble abode. Thanks for visiting.

Something I don't yet fully understand prompted me to do this. Because something inside me believes it will work. Yes, really! Already I can hear you whispering in corners.

This is my first attempt at blogging. You won't find me on Facebook, or My Space, or any of those sites, because I don't do that kind of thing. Unless I can be persuaded . . .

So here's what it's all about:

Today I read an article in The Self-Publishing Magazine by Chris Holifield, the co-founder of which boasts the largest and most visited website in the UK, apparently. Quick plug for you there, Chris, - hoping you can return the favour sometime!

The article, 'Publishing in a Recession', was about, how in these lean and uncertain times, it's more difficult than ever to get an agent to back your novel, let alone a publisher.

Which got me thinking. Is it possible for an unknown writer to achieve superstar status with their first novel? I do hope so. Because I plan to invest a bit of time in striving for that seemingly elusive goal. I'm going to bag myself an agent - and with it, that all-important six-figure publishing deal. OK, I'll settle for five figures. We are in a recession after all.

Right now, I have no outline for my novel, no title, no word count and no preferred genre, which means I can begin with a completely open mind. Hey, we all have to start somewhere . . .

Your feedback/advice would be appreciated.

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