Is it possible for an unknown author to grab a six-figure publishing deal and a top agent in the middle of a recession? Those in the book trade say no way! Even the top authors are facing cut-backs. With no novel outline, no plot, no title, no genre, no word count and no contacts in the business, Anu Novelist sets out to achieve the seemingly impossible. Credit crunch . . . what credit crunch?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The friendliest forum on the Web?


Just hooked up with the lovely scribes from the Writers' News online forum:
These guys really seem to be the most supportive bunch of writers on the Net - within a couple of hours I had 30+ messages of support/ encouragement - welling up now. But if you're a member of an alterative group who wants this newbie writer (albeit with BIG ambitions) as a member, then please do get in touch.

Sorry, it's all a bit short and sweet tonight, but I've been told in no uncertain terms that I've been neglecting my other half so I'm off to seek some inspiration . . . for the novel, I meant . . . those of you with filthy minds.

See ya later!

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